Black cotton underbust "WIDE HIPS MATT" hourglass corset

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Black cotton underbust "WIDE HIPS MATT" hourglass corset
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Double boned Wide Hips underbust
This hourglass underbust will give dramatic shape to your body.

Made of solid, black cotton.

 20 spiral bones provide comfort and fit perfectly to the body, especially in curved areas.
Those bones will not deform even after long period of wearing a corset. 
On the back are 4 flat metal bones, which provide additional support.
Because of them corset will stay in right place.
On the front there is very wide, flat bone with busk.

All Restyle curved corsets have waist tape, which serves as protection for the seams.
Each corset is lined with 100% cotton lining and the modesty panel (18 cm width)

Measure your actual waist at it's narrowest part, minus 4-7 inches from it (10-17 cm).
Substract level depends on how much compression you want, how squishy vs firm and your experience level.
Please note: Corset that's shaped closely to your body's natural shape will season faster than one that is not.











Front Lenght

30 cm

30 cm

30 cm

30 cm

30 cm

30 cm

30 cm

30 cm

30 cm

Under The bust

65 cm

70 cm

75 cm

80 cm

85 cm

90 cm

95 cm

100 cm

105 cm


46 cm

51 cm

56 cm

61 cm

66 cm

71 cm

76 cm

81 cm

86 cm


81 cm

86 cm

91 cm

96 cm

101 cm

106 cm

111 cm

116 cm

121 cm

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Our authentic steel boned corsets are determined by waist size (in inches)
Measurements in size chart are in centimeters. There are dimensions of the corset, without binding.

How to choose the right size of steel boned corset ?
Measure your actual waist at its narrowest point minus 4-7 inches from it. Substract level depends on how much compression you want, how squishy vs firm and your experience level.

You should also pay attention to size under the bust and upper hip.
These measurements should be close to your actual size. This prevents the pressure on the ribs and hip bones.
If a corset is well fitted it should never reach the point where you experience pain, or be so tight that you cannot breathe properly.

In our offer we have several types of corsets suitable for different silhouettes:
WH-wide hips-The hourglass shaped underbust is designed to dramatically shape the waist. Recommended for women with big hip spring.
CU-curved underbust- classic corset suitable for tight lacing. It will fit most types of silhouettes.
Longline underbust- suitable for women with long torso (or tall). Corset with a bit less of a dramatic curve.
Corsets with prints-these are basically classic corsets with less of a dramtic curve.
Overbust corset- We have several types of overbust corsets. Please follow above silhouette labeling.
In our offer we also have unique styles of corsets like Black Armor underbust.
A new corset should be laced a bit loosely. Both the body and the corset must adjust to the systematic pressure, so don't force the corset too quickly as it may break.
It's the best to wear corset couple hours a day so it will adapt to your body properly.
After a while the gap on the back of the corset should be reduced to the minimum and you should break in corset perfectly.
Please note: Corset that's shaped closely to your body's natural shape will season faster than one that is not.

All corsets in our offer are suitable for waist reduction. Depending on the model, corsets provide waist shaping from extreme to delicate.
Remember that corset on different types of silhouettes will present a little differently.

In our corsets we only use spiral steel bones, which fit perfectly to the body and provide comfort. They do not deform even after a long period of using the corset.
On the back there are flat steel bones, which provide the support to the grommets. Because of them corset stay in place.

All our curved corsets have waist tape which serves as protection for the corset's seams.

Each corset is lined with a 100& cotton lining and the modesty panel.
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Users reviews(49) Average rating: 4.80
Author: 2017-07-15
Rate: Rate: 4
I bought this in a size 18 and even though the hip measurements should fit my 32 inch hips, I can't quite fill them out as I haven't closed the corset yet and the material bunches in that area unless I pad it with a sock or something. Very jealous of those who can fill the hips haha! I'd recommend the cu-7 if you're unsure your hips are wide enough for this corset, it fits much better on me.
Author: 2017-06-14
Rate: Rate: 5
Wonderful heavy duty corset. From the jaw dropping shape, to the robust, yet accommodating construction and materials, and the attention to detail put into every seam, this is a beautifully made corset in every single way. Got mine yesterday, exactly a week after placing my order, which is great, considering I live in the UK. I ordered a 20". I knew going in that the sizes ran a little big, but the reviews were so positive, that I was willing to overlook that. I'm so glad I did! In terms of actual difference, my 20" has an interior measurement of 20.5 inches when fully closed. Not a big deal to me, but something to consider. Currently seasoning it and already loving the fit and feel of it. When I unboxed it, the first thing I noticed was that it had a nice weight to it. The cotton used on the exterior is very strong, yet so soft and plush it almost feels like velvet. Upon laying it flat, or rather trying to, I realised how extremely curvy it was. The busk is very strong. The back is slightly more flexible, making it comfortable if you have a sensitive back or a higher bum, while still providing enough strength to bear the stress of lacing. The laces are 5/4 inch shoe lace type, they look strong and hold on nicely while lacing. Very impressed with the overall quality and design of this corset. I'm simply over the moon about the silhouette, so I expect to get more corsets from this line, and definitely more Restyle corsets in general.
Author: 2017-05-25
Rate: Rate: 5
Black cotton underbust "WIDE HIPS MATT" hourglass corset
Thought I'd post my review now that I'm able to fully close my 30inch at the back without anymore compression. This is honestly the most beautiful corset I've ever owned, I gives me so much confidence when I wear it. Will be ordering my next one in a couple of weeks <3
Author: 2016-11-14
Rate: Rate: 5
I am new to wearing corsets and I am so delighted with this corset!! I ordered a size 30" on advice for I have a 40" waist but am hourglass shaped and obviously squishy! I was really quite worried before it arrived that it would be way too small but I can actually comfortably get into it although with plenty of space for training and weight loss. As today is the first day of seasoning I only laced with a 2" reduction but even at such a low reduction it has an amazing silhouette!! The only downside is that I am 5'8" with a long torso so it is not long enough for complete coverage but nothing that can't be sorted by wearing shapewear over it. I would definitely recommend this corset because of how sturdy and comfortable it is and the amazing silhouette it gives.Thank you restyle, I will definitely be a longtime customer!!☺
Author: 2016-11-11
Rate: Rate: 5
Wish I consulted customers service before I ordered because I ordered a 30", but ended up with a 26" totally in love with the corset. It fits great. It arrived just in time for Halloween and complimented my shape and my outfit perfectly! Would definitely buy it again! But I will consult customers service before ordering your size!!
Author: 2016-08-24
Rate: Rate: 5
This corset is extremely comfortable. It has a gorgeous shape to it, I ordered a size smaller on purpose since I want to get a corset that I could work towards closing. I bought a size 24" and I lace it comfortably with a 2 1/2" gap in the back. It's a shorter corset on me since my torso is about an inch or so longer than this, the back is also a lot shorter than what I am accustomed to and I am very fleshy so if I could even close this right now I would get some serious muffin top. I wear it to work when I don't feel like wearing my MCC-54. It's a good corset for me to be mobile and gives great back support. The shipping was good since it only took a week to get to CT. I would purchase again when I lose more weight. Thank you again for a good product ^-^
Author: 2016-08-20
Rate: Rate: 5
I received my wife hip corset, love the quality it's very sturdy. I'm new to waist training, however I've refer to friends, they're interested in purchasing. It's a little big but I didn't want it to be to small, I'll take in around hips. Just love it.....Will take pictures later once I've actually put it on, it'll take some getting used to.
Author: 2016-08-16
Rate: Rate: 5
This is my favourite corset. The best I've owned. It's so comfortable I can forget I'm wearing it. The wide hips mean no preasure on the iliac crest (hip bone nerves), while still giving a super dramatic waist cinch! I found this coset when I had a waist of about 44inches. At that time the model had no waist tape (they now do), and the size labled 32 I had, closed at a 34!! - so they were very big. The last two corsets I've purchased (2016 models) have been truer to size and now contain waist tape. As a guide, I currently have a just under 34inch waist. I'm a true hourglass shape and squishy in the middle with lower tummy fat. I can now CLOSE my 28inch corset. Bitter sweet...I haven't had it very long so should have bought the 26. Some reviews have not liked the too straight back. I solved that problem with this information... ...and my WHMatt now looks perfect from the side - like it was made for me. This, of course, voids return policy. So be sure before committing to bending steels. Worth it though! Some have wished the hip was a little less dramatic. With some clothes I LOVE it, some I want less hip. I stealth my corset (wear it under, not over my clothes). On days I'd like a little LESS hip, I wear Rago 6127 Shapewear undies OVER the corset. Looks super cute, tames the hips a bit, and NO stomach pooch at the bottom!! Yay. Gives a really smooth line under even thin fitted clothes. I find the front busk steels a little too flexible to hold that lower tummy, so wearing the Rago over the corset helps solve that problem. The quality of this corset for the money is outstanding. The stunning shape it produces has become part of my signature 'look' as a singer, and I love it. I do wish there was a cheaper postage option, as paying more than half the cost of the corset just to get it here is really frustrating. I am about to buy the mesh corset for Summer. Actually, I'd love to have THIS corset - Wide Hips Matt - in skin coloured mesh. That would be amazing! I have corsets from several other off the rack companies, but none compare to this. Now they have a mesh to replace my O.C mesh (which isn't too comfy and isn't dramatic enough), all my bases are covered. I'm a committed fan of this corset style, quality, price and will be a customer for life. Thanks Restyle!
Author: 2016-08-12
Rate: Rate: 5
Holy fucking hell, when i started putting it on i was seriously worrying i had ordered a size too small. I had to loosen the laces all the way in order to close the clasps. The modesty panel just covers the whole backside. And man, it was so hard to put it on, to tighten the arms are hurting. So yes, it fits just barely. But i don't think it's worth it to go through the hassle of returning it. I ordered a 22' for my 72cm waist. So i have a load of space for training. I've got some room in the hip area and right under my boobs, wich i was not expecting.
Author: 2016-07-04
Rate: Rate: 5
Upon receiving this item I was pleasantly surprised. The construction is absolutely gorgeous, and a thousand times nicer and even a better fit than my custom under bust I had made from a different company, and this costs less than a quarter of what I paid for my custom, so all round this is a really good deal! 100% would recommend and will definitely be buying from here again in the near future
Author: 2016-06-08
Rate: Rate: 5
Fabulous corset! It's so sturdy and the shape is absolutely stunning. Such fast delivery and it's great that you can follow the shipping process. Could not recommend higher - will certainly be back.
Author: 2016-06-01
Rate: Rate: 4
The quality is good for the price and the silhouette is lovely, I really like the conical rather than hourglass top shape and the dramatic hip flare. I should have sized down to 24, the corset definitely runs big, especially on the hips. It's a bit annoying to lace because the laces are too long. And sadly it's still too short for my long torso. I can't wear it lower because it would dig into my ribs from underneath and start to hurt my hips. It is comfortable when I wear it as high as intended but I don't get full stomach coverage which is unattractive. But alas, even a 30cm front length is hard to find, nobody makes an off the rack underbust with 35cm front length :/
Author: 2016-05-10
Rate: Rate: 5
Brilliant corset! Wide hips fitting means it doesn't pinch the nerve in the hips. Wonderful shape! Nice heavy fabric and good quality boning. Couldn't recommend highly enough!!!
Author: 2016-05-06
Rate: Rate: 4
Black cotton underbust "WIDE HIPS MATT" hourglass corset
A little bigger than stated but otherwise lovely corset. Gives you a more extreme curved look than other corsets due to wide hips . Very comfy.
Author: 2016-03-13
Rate: Rate: 5
I love this corset! I have wide hips and compared to it -small waist, and it fits perfectly! I would give more stars if I could.
Author: 2016-02-29
Rate: Rate: 5
This is the most comfortable corset I currently own. It is a sturdy construction and gives amazing shape. I like it so much I want to purchase the brocade model :)
Author: 2016-02-27
Rate: Rate: 5
**ONLY A 1 INCH DIFFERENCE in the WAIST**. ordered a 24 inch corset, opened & laid flat,measured busk clasp to busk clasp is 25 inches. I don't know why everyone failed to mention the size difference. I bought a way too small of a size (2 inches smaller) because of the reviews of people saying they can close this corset fully upon first wear and surprise if you don't have hips in the first place this corset will leave an air pocket in the hip area but not in the waist (where it matters). the busk on each side is one inch thick steel so it is sturdy, provides waist tape, also not mentioned in the product details or reviews is that this corset comes with 4 garter loops to attach garter straps. it is double layered cotton corset with all steel boning in each channel. As someone who is planning to eventually waist train in this product I am happy with the build and materials used. hopefully once I finally size down my last three inches in my current corset (12 hours a day- 7 days a week) the size difference wont be too bad as I'm currently one inch too big for the 5 inch reduction this corset will provide me with from my 30 inch corset currently. **ONLY ONE INCH BIGGER THAN STATED SIZE ***
Author: 2015-11-18
Rate: Rate: 5
WOW i love this corset. Very sturdy and strong. Made very well for such a fantastic price. Hip part a little big on me as not a great gap between my hip and waist bit hoping to rectify this in time with abit of training :) but it still gives a really nice shape and is very comfortable to wear. Will definitely be buying from here again. BIG THANKS
Author: 2015-11-08
Rate: Rate: 5
Lovely corset, and unbeatable value for an OTR corset. Size down if you are between sizes and desire more compression. Provides a dramatic sexy figure.
Author: 2015-11-01
Rate: Rate: 5
Black cotton underbust "WIDE HIPS MATT" hourglass corset
I am more than satisfied with the corset. The quality is perfectly fine, not a single complaint about that. It's very comfortable to wear, also for someone who's not used to wear corsets every day. It gives you a dramatic, beautiful figure. It's just a little bit too big, but that is the only flaw I could find. I'll definetely buy another one in a smaller size, I love it!
Author: 2015-10-27
Rate: Rate: 5
This corset is amazing! The shape is so beautiful, extremely dramatic curves. The construction is sound, and it seems very sturdy. I own several, more expensive corsets and this one is my favourite. I have no clue how they manage to have such awesome corsets at such a low price, but I am glad they do. Plan on ordering another one.
Author: 2015-10-27
Rate: Rate: 5
Black cotton underbust "WIDE HIPS MATT" hourglass corset
OMG I've bought 4 other corsets, (Isabella, MCC, OC, TT) but none of them compare to the Restyle WH corset, my torso is on the shorter side, this corset is perfect in every way, if your curvy you need this corset in your life. There are 5 star reviews for this corset for a good reason, I just hope they don't raise the price.
Author: 2015-10-22
Rate: Rate: 5
Black cotton underbust "WIDE HIPS MATT" hourglass corset
Great Quality, has everything that it should - waist tape, modesty panel, front busk panel, good laces! Very comfortable, gives amazing shape. It's an excellent buy, OTR corset with greater quality than its price! I would buy again when I'm sizing down, LOVE it!
Author: 2015-10-15
Rate: Rate: 5
Black cotton underbust "WIDE HIPS MATT" hourglass corset
Extremely happy with this purchase! I'd been looking for a good OTR corset for quite some time and this exceeded the expectations. When it arrived I was immediately struck by how solid it is; the construction is very good and I was pleased to see a waist tape. Naturally, I had to throw it on right away and was blown away. The shape is gorgeous!!! (seriously the picture does not do it justice) It's really comfortable; sizing is generous as other reviewer have mentioned. I'm very impressed with this purchase, have recommended it to quite a few people already!
Author: 2015-09-17
Rate: Rate: 5
Black cotton underbust "WIDE HIPS MATT" hourglass corset
I absolutely love this corset. I bought it a while ago, but it's still going strong and I wear it every day. I had been considering ordering a custom made corset, but bought this to try it out, and this is now the only corset for me. In addition to looking great, it allows for a huge reduction around my waist, without pinching on my hips, and most importantly, it's comfortable! I definitely recommend it!
Author: 2015-08-28
Rate: Rate: 5
Black cotton underbust "WIDE HIPS MATT" hourglass corset
I bought this a while back, but figured I will do a review on it since I love it so much, and I will probably be needing to get a new one a size or so up since I am expecting now and hope to use my corset again after giving birth. The one I have now is an 18inch. I wish I would have gotten the 20" simply because it's a struggle to get it on and off, so I am assuming the 18 may be a tad too small. My waist is naturally 23inches and my hips are 36 inches so this was a perfect corset for me. The materials used and the workmanship are impressive. And the price is perfect!!
Author: 2015-07-18
Rate: Rate: 3
Beautiful corset. After reading previous reviews I decided order a size down. When I received the corset it was way too big. I didn't have to unlace it at all to close it, with plenty of room. I sent it back and got a refund. Unfortunately now the corset that would fit me is out of stock. I will probably order three sizes down.
Author: 2015-07-17
Rate: Rate: 5
it is a beautiful corset fits nicely with spare on the hips it's strong which caught me off guard I think it's just wonderful when I loose more weight I'd. might get another one
Author: 2015-06-18
Rate: Rate: 4
A very sturdy corset and just the one to create a wonderful curve! I got a 22", as it is the size I usually wear, but in this model it closes fully in the back and there's some space left on the hips. You should go one size smaller than what you usually wear with this corset.
Author: 2015-05-29
Rate: Rate: 5
My corset arrived today and I have to say it exceeded my expectations. It's quite weighty and feels sturdy. I tried it on earlier and it is indeed roomy, as others have mentioned, but I don't mind that aspect at all. I love the dramatic silhouette it produces and am very pleased with this purchase.
Author: 2015-05-27
Rate: Rate: 5
Mostly happy with this product. The silhouette from the front is absolutely gorgeous, and it's the first time I've worn an off-the-rack corset that accommodates my hips comfortably! However, the sizing is very generous like some people warned. I purchased the 20" one, and was able to lace it all the way shut on the first try! Feeling slightly regretful. Also it almost ADDS inches to my waist, because on the back it completely ignores the curve of the back and makes it completely flat, so from the side I actually look chubbier wearing this (fully closed), than without.
Author: 2015-05-23
Rate: Rate: 5
Black cotton underbust "WIDE HIPS MATT" hourglass corset
Love it!!! It's wonderfully made for the price, and gives an amazing figure! I'm breaking it in slowly, so haven't closed it yet, but from what I've managed so far, it still gives a wonderful silhouette! It's also a must for girls with big hips, or a large hip spring. Most off the rack corsets pinch my hips when they're closed, and I hate that!!! This one has loads of hip room, and I'm delighted :) Great packaging, and fair delivery time. Was posted the day after I paid, so very happy with the speed of dispatch! :) Hopeful that they'll make the same corset maybe in different colours/patterns? It's a great shape!
Author: 2015-04-23
Rate: Rate: 4
Very nice curve to it and it is super comfortable. It's a little bigger then I thought so maybe get a size smaller then normal. A little bummed there is no waist tape but I'm hoping it will last for a long time anyways as it's good quality.
Author: 2015-03-24
Rate: Rate: 5
Black cotton underbust "WIDE HIPS MATT" hourglass corset
I have been wearing corsets, with some waist training for about 15 years and this is by far the best corset I have ever owned. The reason I say that is due to it's shape. I have about a 10 inch hip spring so I am just on the cusp of being a "Vintage" hourglass shape. This means that those "tubular" type corsets you see most often do not fit me properly. Then, on top of it I have a very short torso so once I started to find curvier corsets, I realized they were always too long for me. This one is perfect! The length and the hip spring are just what I have been looking for. The fabric is superb quality and the construction is very impressive. Don't let the low price fool you - this is a quality corset for the money! I normally wear a size 22 but I purchased the 20 in this and it fits me very well. It's comfortable to sit in and eat while wearing. 5 Stars!!! Oh and I have it in black brocade too.
Author: 2015-03-23
Rate: Rate: 5
Amazing quality for the price, shipping was fast, looks great!
Author: 2015-03-09
Rate: Rate: 5
Black cotton underbust "WIDE HIPS MATT" hourglass corset
I love this corset! I've sized down from a size 26 and this still has a placket that's wide enough to cover the back even though it's not shut completely (yet). And even though my hips don't quite fill the ample space provided, the corset at the hips folds in like pleats and has quite a nice effect.
Author: 2015-03-05
Rate: Rate: 5
I was very intrigued when I first heard about this corset, an elegant silhouette without breaking the bank? Sign me up! I own several beautiful corsets (steel and fashion) but still was not finding 'the' fit, sure some of my trusty corsets I can wear for hours, but at some point or another they just, bother me. This one, though I've only had it for a few days and am in the early stages of 'breaking it in' I can tell is a genuine keeper. The pros: -well made -comfortable for long wear -sturdy construction -beautiful shape The cons -no waist tape (all of my other steel bones have it and I find it odd to not have it in this one) -a bit big This corset is fantastic for a daily wear and if you aren't trying to waist train in it you can quite easily order the size as charted, though for some it might be a bother I am very comfortable in mine as sized by the chart.
Author: 2015-02-18
Rate: Rate: 5
Black cotton underbust "WIDE HIPS MATT" hourglass corset
This corset is my absolute favorite. Pre-corset, I have a 12 inch hipspring. So you can imagine how difficult it is to find a non-custom corset that actually accomodates, while being ridiculously comfortable. Don't let the price scare you - it really is a great corset. I don't know how they make such a fabulous corset for such a low price, but somehow they figured it out. Absolutely my favorite corset. The CS426 doesn't fit my hips. This does PERFECTLY. If you're considering buying it, just go for it. It's so worth it. Only one tiny thing - it's a LIIIIIITTLE bit big. Like, an inch. So if you're training down, maybe try a size smaller than you were planning to buy, about 4-6 inches smaller than your waist depending on your squish factor. Other than that, it's GREAT!
Author: 2015-02-12
Rate: Rate: 5
Hi, everyone! I like this corset very much. Because of: 1. Really beautiful & graceful silhouette. 2. It is rather comfortable. I can wear it for 12 hours (tight laced!) without big discomfort. 3. Price =) I have 22" corset for my 64 cm waist, fits good. It is written here: "Corset should be about 10 cm smaller than your natural waist size.", but I can't imagine a person, who would feel comfortable with such a corset, because clothes under the corset gives some additional centimeters. So, Restyle, thank you for this amazing thing!
Author: 2015-01-29
Rate: Rate: 4
I received my corset today! It is gorgeous, and super sturdy; a great quality, for such a decent price. However I normally wear a 30, and this is almost too big. I wish I had ordered a 28.
Author: 2015-01-16
Rate: Rate: 5
I bought a 32 and I wish i ordered a size smaller. It fits so well and looks incredible curvy. i really love it I wear it almost every day.
Author: 2014-12-15
Rate: Rate: 5
Love it!
Author: 2014-11-06
Rate: Rate: 5
This is the most comfortable OTR corset I own as it actually fits my larger hipspring perfectly! For the price is is a great buy, it gives a lovely silhouet. Even as the corset falls rather larger than the sizing indicates. I did notice a little wear on the laces but the laces can be changed.
Author: 2014-09-23
Rate: Rate: 5
Thoroughly enjoying this corset. It has an astounding silhouette, very breathable, and is seasoning superbly. I tested with a magnet, and every bone and busk held fast. My only criticism is that the modesty panel is ever so slightly too short-another cm or two would have been been perfect. There is not a waist tape, but this is being sold as a steel boned corset, not a waist trainer. I am using it for this purpose however and do not anticipate any issues. Shipping was reasonable and arrived on par with any other item I have ordered from overseas. I will be ordering from Restyle in the future.
Author: 2014-09-01
Rate: Rate: 4
This corset is very good, however because I have a very firm midsection the stitching has started to stretch a bit at the sides of the waist. I might add a waist tape to combat this, but other than that I am very pleased with the quality.
Author: 2014-08-30
Rate: Rate: 5
Black cotton underbust "WIDE HIPS MATT" hourglass corset
No other corset brings out the perfect hourglass-waist! I'm usually size 22", but this 20" fits me perfectly. Highly recommended for tight-lacing!
Author: 2014-08-24
Rate: Rate: 5
I am in love! perfect corset with low price. highly recommend!
Author: 2014-03-11
Rate: Rate: 4
Sizing is rather bigger than what the chart says. However the corset is nice and of good quality!
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